Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remote Control

There's a shop in Chulia Street in Penang where one can go to buy an extra Electronic Remote Opener/Closer Device for Car Door Locks and for Automatic Gates, just by presenting your currently-in- usage Remote to the Shopkeeper who just place this on an Electronic Reader, with the extra Remote on another Device, press a couple of buttons, and "hey presto" a few seconds later the CODE is recorded in the extra Remote.

Nowadays with all sorts of wireless hi-tech available, any Crook with such a hand held wireless electronic Device can "clone the security code" of any Electronic Remote Opener/Closer Device for not only Car Door Locks but also for Automatic Gates !!!!!

Even manually locking is of no use because with the availabilty of rechargeable- battery operated Hand-drills (some that looks like a small torchlight) which when fitted with a hardened-steel drill-bit, and drilled into the key-hole, the locking-plates inside the lock are rendered useless and the door opens !!!!!

So, like Mr. Bean, instal a hasp on the Car Door (or Automatic Gate) and lock with a tough padlock !!!!! But then again, with the abovementioned Hand-drill, this tough padlock can also be renederd useless !!!!!

How to lock your car and why?

I locked my car. As I walked away I heard my car door unlock. I went back and locked my car again three times. Each time, as soon as I started to walk away, I would hear it unlock again!! Naturally alarmed, I looked around and there were two guys sitting in a car in the fire lane next to the store. They were obviously watching me intently, and there was no doubt they were somehow involved in this very weird situation. I quickly chucked the errand I was on, jumped in my car and sped away. I went straight to the police station, told them what had happened, and found out I was part of a new, and very successful, scheme being used to gain entry into cars.

Two weeks later, my friend's son had a similar happening...
While travelling, my friend's son stopped at a roadside rest to use the bathroom.. When he came out to his car less than 4-5 minutes later, someone had gotten into his car and stolen his cell phone, laptop computer, GPS navigator, briefcase... name it. He called the police and since there were no signs of his car being broken into, the police told him he had been a victim of the latest robbery tactic -- there is a device that robbers are using now to clone your security code when you lock your doors on your car using your key-chain locking device..

They sit a distance away and watch for their next victim. They know you are going inside of the store, restaurant, or bathroom and that they now have a few minutes to steal and run. The police officer said to manually lock your car door-by hitting the lock button inside the car -- that way if there is someone sitting in a parking lot watching for their next victim, it will not be you..

When you hit the lock button on your car upon exiting, it does not send the security code, but if you walk away and use the door lock on your key chain, it sends the code through the airwaves where it can be instantly stolen. This is very real.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coconut Water can prevent H1N1

Former associate professor of ecology at Universiti Malaya has authored several books on complementary therapy called, 'Ecological Healing System'.

Dr Palaniappan said his 33 years of research had shown that high acidity in the body resulted in loss of immunity, thus making people more susceptible to viral diseases like Influenza A (H1N1).

Hence, to prevent acidity, it was essential to consume alkaline food and drinks that could neutralise excess acid in the body.

Dr Palaniappan recommends coconut water, which is alkaline, and therefore could be used as a herbal medicine for the prevention of H1N1.

For example, he said, those who felt feverish and developed a burning sensation while attending to a call of nature because of extreme acidity, could neutralise it by drinking coconut water, twice a day, for three days.

He also recommended orange, lemon and pomelo which, despite containing citric acid, were very rich in potassium and therefore, would not disturb the body's immunity.

According to Dr Palaniappan, excessive physical activity like running a marathon should be avoided as it produced acid due to excessive metabolic activity.

Similarly, he said, keeping late nights without adequate sleep and working without proper rest could also increase the body's acidity which in turn, lowered immunity and made the body vulnerable to viral attacks.

Dr Palaniappan's blog: discusses the
therapy in more detail.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Common Beliefs Men Have About Women

There're a few beliefs that men have toward women which most of them are untrue. I received this from a friend of mine in my email some time ago and post it just for sharing. Hopefully, after reading this, all men out there would have a better understanding about women and start making a new perception of what they believe for so long..most importantly, never look at these beautiful creations of god the same way again. And to all the women, hope you will have the courage to hold on.



Women are always looking for ways to make things better. Don’t take her suggestions as complaints or criticisms, but as her desire to make the relationship or situation the best that it can be.



Everyone loves to be taken care of and to feel needed. Even if a woman can fix things around the house or change the oil in her car, she will still ask for your help so she can feel your strength, support and protection. Don’t ever stop asking, “What can I do for you?” because it shows her that you care.



It’s not about control; it’s about love. When a woman sees a man hurting, struggling or overwhelmed, her goal is to help, not control. Let her give you a helping hand.


A serious relationship requires time and effort to cultivate it. You shouldn’t look at it as a burden. Your wife or girlfriend will reciprocate the effort you put into it.


Women are extremely capable of picking up moods and attitudes and can easily read body language and facial expressions. Although you may think that you have gotten away with a great lie, she is either letting it slide because she wants to keep the peace, or she is lying to herself because she’s afraid of the truth.


Women are protective of what belongs to them. They protect the things they value, especially when it comes to relationships. It’s not that she doesn’t trust you; she is guarding the relationship. You are too precious to her for her to allow anything bad to happen.


Women don’t hide their feelings. They articulate what’s going on in their minds. There’s nothing wrong with emotions—we all have them. Being in touch with their emotions causes women to be sensitive and caring, and that’s why men love them.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life After Marriage?

When one door of happiness closes, another opens: but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

Helen Keller.